Your hotel that cooks like a restaurant

Homemade dishes, abundant and tasty, to give your holiday a very good flavor

The cuisine of the Romantico Hotel enchants your palate with the most appetizing proposals of the Romagna tradition, many fish specialties and a wide variety of delicious dishes. Each guest sits at the table with mouth water and gets up with a full belly.

Among the weekly recipes you always find

cuore home made tagliatelle with ragout sauce,

cuore seafood risotto,

cuore fried shrimp and squid

cuore grilled fish cooked on the grill

Stuffed piadina (flat homemade bread) is also a fixture, such as grilled meat and delicious fish recipes. Waiter service with 3 menus to choose between meat, fish and vegetarian.

The buffet is full of all kinds of vegetables, appetizing hot and cold side dishes, fresh fruit, and after dinner, homemade dessert, different every evening.
Each dish is cooked on the spot, by the expert hands of the hotel chef.

The quality of our dishes is given by the best ingredients, healthy and first choice.

The Romantico Hotel guarantees you maximum authenticity in the name of the “Italian eating well”.

Because taking care of your diet even during the holidays means well-being and relaxation.

Try it for yourself!