Your hotel, your restaurant

Homemade and carefully prepared. Our tasty dishes will give your holiday a delicious flavor!

The kitchen of Hotel Romantico will delight your palate with the most appetizing main courses of the Romagna tradition, many fish specialties and a wide variety of delicious food.

We select the best ingredients for you, favoring the kilometer zero, from fresh vegetables to olive oil (olive oil, which is strictly extra virgin olive oil) Healthy eating even on holidays means well-being.

You will leave the table with a full belly and happy.


Breakfast Buffet

Sweet and salty until late morning!

Enjoy waking up when you desire; the kitchen of Hotel Romantico prepares many delicacies every day, along with good coffees, creamy cappuccinos, tea and juices.
Tarts, cakes, biscuits, homemade sweets, brioches, carefully chosen kilometer zero cold cuts, scrambled eggs, freshly made toast, and much more...

Do you prefer a lighter breakfast?
Plenty of yogurt, cereals, honey, delicious dried fruit, and our famous detox infusions.
There is a table at our buffet dedicated only to light breakfast, where you can take some and add whatever your imagination suggests!


Let’s have dinner together!

At dinner, you have table service, a tasty menu to choose from, including meat, fish and a light option, dessert and fruit.
At the buffet, you will find vegetables of all kinds, appetizing hot and cold side dishes, our homemade “focaccia” and “bruschetta”.

Among the weekly dishes, there is never a shortage of:

  • Tagliatelle with “ragù” sauce (those made with artisanal and rough pastry)
  • Our seafood “risotto”
  • The typical fried prawns and calamari
  • Stuffed “Romagna Piadina”
  • Lots of good fish every day

The freedom to choose times and locations

The freedom to choose times and locations. If you wish to experience new places and different cuisines, the ideal solution is our B&B formula with breakfast until late morning.

For dinner, you can choose to eat in hotel. For lunch, in restaurants or in kiosks by the sea. You can also rely on take-away to extend your staying on the beach.

To offer you the best gastronomic experience, we have selected the best of the city. Discover all the advantages of a holiday in freedom...