Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about Hotel Romantico, read the answers to the most frequently asked questions


What are the check in and check out times?

On the day of arrival, your room is available from 12:00 onwards. When booking, you can request early check-in. On the day of departure, you can use the room until 10:00 in the morning.

For different needs, contact the staff.


What are the meal times?

Breakfast is available from 8:00 to 11:00.

Lunch from 12:00 to 14:00 in a partner restaurant (30 seconds from the hotel) with choice menu, in order to allow us to properly sanitize the dining room.

Dinner is served at the table in the hotel from 19:30 pm to 20.30 pm, with choice menu, a rich buffet of fresh, cooked and raw vegetables, dessert and fruit.


Where can I park the car?

With your reservation, you can have your parking space guaranteed. Half of the parking spaces are located behind the hotel, the other half in a partner car park. The service depends on the size of the car and the availability on the day.

Traffic-restricted zone

The Hotel is in a pedestrian area, how do I reach it?

The Hotel Romantico is located in a traffic-restricted zone but this should not worry you.

Remember to contact the hotel to get a special permit in order to reach us comfortably with your vehicle, at any time.


How is the beach service organized?

If you choose the B&B or All Inclusive treatment, you have included a voucher for a beach-umbrella and two sunbeds per room.

The Hotel has a collaboration with the beaches that go from number 5 to 12.

The beach is 50 meters from the Hotel Romantico and offers you: beach volleyball fields, table tennis, children's play area, dog friendly services and swimming pool upon ticket payment.


What size are the rooms?

The double rooms measure 15 square meters. The triples measure 16 square meters. The quadruple rooms measure 18 square meters. The family rooms measure 23 square meters.

The Junior Suites measure 30 square meters. Suite 9 measures 35 square meters.

Bathrooms are included in the sizes.


I have a little baby, what services can I find in the hotel?

For children you have at your disposal: cots, side rails and high chairs in the restaurant.

The Hotel's trusted medic is also available for a fee.

Upon order, the staff prepares excellent baby menus with vegetable broth or fresh vegetable puree (potato, carrot and courgette, all without salt),“Plasmon” soups, steamed meat and steamed fish that we can mince for you. This service can cost from € 0,00 to € 8,00 per meal.

Ask the staff for more details


What to do if someone has special dietary needs?

The Hotel Romantico does not have a dedicated kitchen; however, the staff is happy to cook dishes free of the most common allergens for you.

Agree on your needs when booking.


Are pets allowed?

At the Hotel Romantico, your four-legged friend is welcome.

Your dog is allowed in the outdoor area of the Hotel and in the hall, while you are kindly asked not to bring it into the restaurant room.

“Max” sleeps in the room with you with a contribution of € 7.00 per day for special cleaning and final hypoallergenic cleaning.


What happens if it causes damage?

The guest traveling with an animal is responsible for any damage caused by it to objects or furnishings. The owner is required to pay compensation.


I am arriving by train, how far is the train station?

The Hotel Romantico is a 12-minute walk from the station, so it is convenient to get there even with a pleasant walk.

A taxi service is also available in front of the station, which takes you directly to the hotel.


What payment methods are accepted?

Payment by cash, debit card, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and checks are accepted.


Is the Tourist Tax included in the room price?

The tourist tax is not included in the room rate and is equal to € 2.00 per day per person for a maximum of 7 days. Children under 14 are excluded.

The tourist tax can be paid at the end of the stay directly to the hotel.


I need to cancel my booking, what should I know?

Any booking cancellation must be communicated per mail as soon as possible.

In case of cancellation or modification of the reservation dates up to 7 days before the arrival date, no cost will be charged and your deposit will remain available for a new booking with the same or greater amount.

Any promotions will be off upon cancellation or modification.

For cancellations after the aforementioned deadline, the amount of the deposit paid may be kept.


I need to leave before the end of my stay, what should I know?

For guests who decide to interrupt a stay, the bill will be increased by the cost of the missing nights, up to a maximum of 3 (the meals will not be charged).


I booked a stay and unfortunately, I cannot arrive on the scheduled day but in the following days, what should I know?

Guests who have to delay their arrival at the hotel will not be charged the full cost of their stay but only the cost of missed nights.