Where the pets feel loved.

Your pet is welcome at the Hotel Romantico.

A holiday in complete tranquility, together with your 4-legged friend!
The Staff of the Romantic Hotel in Gabicce Mare will pamper your pet just like you would, satisfying all their needs.


In hotel

In hotel, we have common areas in which your pets can freely move: the outdoor area, furnished with comfortable sofas where you can relax at any time you wish, and the hall where the bar is located.

We kindly ask you not to bring them into the restaurant in order to guarantee maximum hygiene for all guests.

For your stay there is a little extra of €7 per day per animal, for daily cleaning + hypoallergenic cleaning performed at the end of the staying.

Paid grooming service by appointment. Ask reception for all the information to book it.


At the Beach

We have a collaboration with the beach N°12, the pets’ beach

Therefore, when you wake up in the morning, you know you can take it with you under the beach-umbrella. For it, you will find a small bowl for fresh water and a fountain where it can refresh.

It is possible that a small extra may be required for these services, but each facility is different, so it is advisable to deal with the beach after the reservation or upon arrival at the beach.

You will see that your friend will be happy to share the beach with you.


What is your pet's name?

At the Hotel Romantico, every four-legged guest receives special care.

Take a photo of your friend while you are on holiday here in Gabicce and tag it, you will be reposted on the social pages of the Hotel Romantico.

The photo will be included in a very sweet album with other furry friends staying in the Hotel.